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Sailor Moon episode re-created shot for shot by more than 250 animators

A collaborative Sailor Moon project saw over 250 animators re-create every single shot of "Fractious Friends", the 38th episode of the classic animated series.

Moon Animate, Make-Up!

It may sound like the Sailor Moon you know and love, but once you start watching "Fractious Frames", you're in an entirely new ballpark. It's actually the work of a team of hundreds of collaborators, each providing their own unique style to a small snippet of the 22-minute episode.

The project, called Moon Animate, Make-Up!, was started in October of last year, inviting participants to each contribute one reanimated shot of episode 38 of the original Sailor Moon, "Fractious Friends" which originally aired in 1995, renamed "Fractious Frames".

"This episode comes late in Sailor Moon's first season, but it's a great stand-alone episode that features all five of the original Sailors, focuses on the group's dynamic in working together and holds up on its own without needing to know too much about what's going on. (Tuxedo Mask is being held hostage by the Negaverse, but that's about it.)," the original post said.

Artists could animate in whichever medium they preferred, and there's certainly an interesting mix of styles, including hand-painted, CG, 16-bit, even styles inspired by Bob's Burgers, Adventure Time and Ren & Stimpy.

Although Sailor Moon could be pretty wacky, it's so far beyond anything we could have imagined. It's utterly magnificent. You can see the original episode here for context and, for more internet crowdsourced remake brilliance, head on over and give Star Wars Uncut another watch. You know you want to.