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2007 Canon PowerShot SD models hold a few surprises

Bigger screens, higher resolutions, retro Elph designs

Canon PowerShot SD750
Canon PowerShot SD750, black accents
Canon PowerShot SD750
Canon PowerShot SD750, back

Another year, another crop of snapshot cameras. This year, Canon's going a bit retro with its Elph design, bringing back the high-contrast black accents that appeared on the original film Elphs 10 years ago.

They've come a long way in that decade. This year's SD750 and SD1000 are 7-megapixel replacements for the the very popular 6-megapixel models, the SD630 and the SD600, respectively. Yes, that's right: The SD750 is the higher-end model of the two.

Canon PowerShot SD1000, white accents

Despite disparate outsides, the two cameras are fundamentally the same. The major difference is a 2.5-inch LCD on the SD1000 compared with a 3-incher on the SD750. Both models offer a modest selection of features from Canon's arsenal, including Face Detection AF, 30fps VGA movies with a time-lapse mode, sensitivities up to ISO 1600, rather slow f/2.8-4.9 35mm-to-105mm 3x zoom lenses, and a rated continuous-shooting speed of about 1.7fps.

Canon PowerShot SD1000
Canon PowerShot SD1000, back

The SD1000 and SD750 will ship in late March for $299.99 and $349.99, respectively.