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Google Glass impostor does nothing, but it's cheap

You can get the look of Google Glass without dropping $1,500. You won't get any functionality either, though you may manage to make a few enemies.

Faux.Glass in action
It certainly looks like it might do something. Faux.Glass

Google Glass hasn't exactly been universally embraced, as the rise of the term "glasshole" demonstrates. Then, of course, there's the issue of the $1,500 price tag.

Well, soon you may be able to be creepy and rude without having to spend a fortune. Faux.Glass on the Indiegogo crowd-funding site can give you the look of face-mounted technology for just $20 (about £12, AU$23).

Faux.Glass is a vaguely Google Glass-shaped device that sports a line of LED lights that sparkle along the side of your face. That's all it does. It just sits there looking conspicuous. You can fiddle with it and pretend to use it like a real piece of wearable technology, but its main goal in life is to give you the appearance of owning Glass without actually owning Glass or having to bother with all those high-tech functions. The campaign on Indiegogo promises "you'll look ultra cool," though that is highly debatable.

It's a little tricky to figure out the audience for Faux.Glass. It will certainly appeal to practical jokers who want to elicit responses or give it as a gag gift to an avid Google fan. There may even be the kind of person who would enjoy the attention and questions from random strangers, but doesn't want to bust the budget to get it.

The Google Glass knockoff isn't the only humorous low-tech product to hit the crowdfunding scene lately. iCups, a set of Apple-styled cups with strings, recently met its $10,000 funding goal on Kickstarter, spawning the launch of an iCups Luxury edition spin-off. There's also the noPhone, a smartphone-shaped chunk of plastic that encourages you to have real interactions with people, rather than losing yourself in a screen.

Faux.Glass has 34 days left on a campaign aiming for a goal of $5,000. It's currently up to $682. Even if you don't wind up pledging for a Faux.Glass of you own, you might still want to check out the catchy, folksy, whistle-laden theme song in the project video.

So much cheaper than the real thing. Faux.Glass