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20 brands that could use a shorter name

Rebranding is back in style. With big companies like Pizza Hut and Radio Shack getting in on the renaming game, other companies could follow suit.

Thursday's re-branding event by Radio Shack to call itself "The Shack" comes just a month and a half after Pizza Hut began referring to its brand as "The Hut."

I smell a trend.

When a company starts branching off in directions other than what it began with, it makes sense. Apple did it back in 2007 when it dropped "Computer" from its name in favor of the colder, wider-reaching "Inc." But for Radio Shack it's a war cry. An attempt to distance itself from an image of aging technology, and one that makes people think twice about dismissing it when they need to buy a new phone or pick up that 15-foot HDMI cable on a weekend, and just can't wait for one off the Internet to get there.

But what about companies that could also drop a word or syllable from their names? There are plenty that come to mind. Twenty in fact, which we've listed in slide show form below.