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19 extreme mountain photos from an amazing Instagram account

Every week I highlight an Instagram account so you can share in some of the best photos online. This time it's a National Geographic photographer.

When most people signed up for Instagram (me included) the easiest way to get started was to follow people in your contacts list. From there you could check in on your friends and family to see what they're up to, and also post photos and videos from your daily life so they could do the same. But, as I pointed out recently in another post, if this is the only way you use Instagram, you're missing out on some stunning photos and videos.

This week, I'm highlighting another Instagram account that always has great things to check out. Cory Richards is a photographer at National Geographic (another great account) and extreme mountain climber. The combination makes for some breathtaking photos.

Note: There are a variety of photos on this account, but I picked ones that highlight his extreme mountain climbing -- because they're cool!