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17 photos from one of the scariest Instagram accounts

There's a lot of great photography on Instagram, but this account is probably the most likely to put you on edge.

Are you afraid of heights? I know I am, but one of the most frightening Instagram accounts I want to share with you is all about shots from terrifying heights. Previously, I've written about a new favorite Instagram account every week, including those of Christoffer Collin, Dulal Ullah and Dylan Furst, among several others.

Vadim Makhorov is a Russian photographer, traveler and urban explorer according to his Instagram description, but that really doesn't do his work justice. He has a lot of great shots from various historic locations around the world, but he and his friends also engage in the dubious practice of finding the highest skyscrapers and bridges to take photos from. I get nervous just looking at those shots. Check out a selection to see what I mean.

Editor's note: It's hard to say definitively, but from the looks of it these guys don't wear any safety gear. Which means: One false move and it won't matter how many social media fans they have. Sure, these are compelling photos, which is why I'm sharing them, but I don't condone the practice, nor should you try this at home.