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1,500 water balloons + trampoline = sloshy summer insanity

World's best uncle, Mark Rober, captures his nephews' splashy fun in slo-mo video that looks like a giant bowl of rainbow sprinkles.

They look like the world's largest bowl of rainbow sprinkles. Or a swimming-pool-size dish of Dippin' Dots. Or like the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese meets "The Blob."

When Mark Rober attempted to reach his self-proclaimed goal of becoming his nephews' favorite uncle, he didn't go halfway. He stirred together 1,500 water balloons and a sizable trampoline and pureed it all into a juicy smoothie of sheer summer fun.

The slow-motion video and the addition of a few enormous, practically beanbag-size balloons put the bounce-a-thon over the top.

"I think my favorite part of this video is 1:19 because that laugh just captures what it means to be a kid when life is so simple," Rober wrote on YouTube. That's not bad, but our favorite moment comes around 2:21 when Rober himself busts open one of the giant balloons and ends up wearing it on his face like a popped Bubblicious bubble.

Looks like that "favorite uncle" goal can be marked as "achieved."

(Via Popular Science)