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150-inch screen and no glare

DNP's Supernova claims new projector technology

There's a simple reason that large flat-screen TVs have gained in popularity, and it's not just the cool factor. Even before their prices of plasmas and LCDs began to come down, longtime home theater enthusiasts simply got tired of their impractical projectors, which couldn't be used in the daytime without blacking out the room.


The "Supernova Screen," however, might bring be reason enough for some to switch back. Made by Danish company DNP, the screen uses a special filter to absorb light that would otherwise wash it out. At the same time, according to Electronista, a reflector behind the filter displays the image--a process that the company says doubles the brightness and increases contrast tenfold.

But the biggest draw for the true aficionado would likely be the size: The Supernova is sold with screens up to 150 inches, in fixed and retractable versions. There won't be any plasmas of that size at Best Buy anytime soon.