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11 weather stations on any TV screen

Personal receiver can monitor all your microclimates on any set.


See what we mean about personal weather stations? They're everywhere, we tell you. Not only that, but just one isn't enough for some inflicted with OCMD (obsessive-compulsive meteorological disorder).

To wit: The "TV Weather Station" doesn't just provide the usual temperatures and forecasts; it can track up to 11 weather conditions at the same time. You can even get microclimate information up to 200 feet away from any part of your property so you can decide whether it's a croquet or a Slip 'N Slide day.

Unlike the typical standalone devices, according to OhGizmo, this one is a receiver that hooks up to a television set by a cable. Granted, it may not be the highest tech available, but you can get one for every TV in the house and make every room your personal Weather Channel. Then again, maybe it will just become obsolete.