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11 percent of people shop online naked, survey says

A PayPal survey reveals and reveals and reveals. The most revealing aspect is that a considerable percentage of people admit they actually <i>like</i> to online shop in the nude.

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He's shopping. What do you think he's doing? Ramon De La Fuente/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matysczyk/CNET

Online shopping is like reading the news on television.

You don't actually have to have your trousers on. There's not even a compunction to wear underclothing.

This is the ultimate in capitalist freedom.

How many people, though, will actually admit not only that they shop online in the nude, but they actually like doing it?

Well, according to a survey commissioned by titillators at PayPal, there are several stages of risque online shopping behavior.

As CNBC reports, 33 percent cheerily admitted that they clutch their iPads and laptops and shop away in their pajamas. It's unclear how many people were surveyed and what time of day or night they might have been asked the questions.

A stunningly low 15 percent, however, said that they like to have an alcoholic beverage to oil their decision-making.

However, a resilient and courageous 11 percent confessed that, yes, there are few things as likable as shopping starkers.

As with all research, I prefer to clothe this survey with cashmere briefs.

Oddly, the researchers didn't dig deeper into whether people are naked in bed when they are doing this online shopping.

I fear this might not be the case, as, having come to the US from foreign parts, I have observed that Americans always go to bed wearing items of clothing -- something I find perfectly absurd.

We must posit, therefore, that this naked 11 percent might be clothes shoppers. Something within them makes them believe that they could more readily try on clothes through their computer or phone (see video above) if they are already disrobed.

One might even extrapolate that all of these 11 percent might be included in the 15 percent who like a drink while they're browsing for online items.

In essence, therefore, there may be a certain lifestyle segment in the US that drinks and takes its clothes off, then lies on the sofa or in the bath (or elsewhere), in order to have the perfect online retail experience.

I can readily believe this. Can't you?