11 must-have features for a PSP phone

If a PSP phone is indeed on its way, here are some ways it could help reawaken the PSP brand and offer up improvements on Sony's existing hardware.

The rumored Android PSP gaming phone from Sony Ericsson isn't just potentially good news for PSP fans--it's necessary news. In case you haven't noticed, the PSP is being edged out of the handheld market thanks to the success of the App Store as a gaming platform for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, and the continued but diminishing popularity of the Nintendo DS. Not even a furious Marcus can stop it.

The next generation of handheld gaming is nearly upon us, and it favors change: Nintendo's 3DS adopts 3D gaming and throws in a 3D camera; Apple's higher-resolution and gyroscope-equipped iPhone 4 opens up its already-thriving gaming landscape further; and the newly announced lineup of Xbox games for Windows 7 phones look like they'll give Microsoft's mobile-gaming aspirations some serious legitimacy.

Here's our advice to both Sony and Sony Ericsson: add these features to a PSP phone. Then, offer up that PSP phone as a phone-free Android gaming device, and call it the PSP 2.