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$100,000 worth of Legos went into this amazing 'Jurassic Park' short film

A brick-filmmaking maestro, with help from his 8-year-old daughter, has re-created the wonder of the original "Jurassic Park" in plastic.

As any youngster would attest, Legos and dinosaurs seem to go pretty well together.

Earlier this month, Lego teased a new video game that's coming out to coincide with the release of the new dino film " Jurassic World" this June. It also announced the relaunch of the Jurassic Park Lego set crowd-sourcing campaign on its site Lego Ideas late last year.

Now, YouTube filmmaker Paul Hollingsworth of Digitalwizardz seems to have gotten hold of some of those bricks, as he's recently released a wondrous short film that re-creates the original "Jurassic Park" film in bricky glory.

Hollingsworth worked with a team of animators and designers that included his 8-year-old daughter, Hailee, to create the short film, which used $100,000 worth of Lego bricks, according to the description beneath the video. It took the team three months to produce the three-and-a-half-minute-long video using stop-motion and a variety of other animation techniques, but the results look like they were worth every second of work.

"Lego Jurassic Park" joins other plastic-brick reimaginings from Digitalwizardz including "Lego Superman Man of Steel," "How To Train Your Dragon," and the instant classic "Superman Vs. Sharknado."

You can view those videos and more on the Digitalwizardz YouTube page. First though, be sure to take the incredible Lego ride through Jurassic Park above and check out this "making of" video (which I found even more fascinating than the actually film) to see how it was all done.