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100,000 users to get Google Wave this fall

Wave, Google's real-time collaboration service, opens up to large group of everyday users on September 30. Until then, it's limited to a small number of developers.

Waiting to get your grubby mitts on Google Wave? You'll have to wait just a little bit longer.

While about 6,000 developers got their hands on Wave Monday, a post on the Google Wave developer blog says the company isn't planning to open it up to everyday users until September 30th. At that time, some 100,000 users will be let into the program. To be a part of that first run, users will have had to have signed up to use the service on Google's invite page.

Along with a hard date on the semi-public beta test, Google also highlighted a few developer creations using Wave's API. One of them, called Waves in WordPress, lets bloggers quickly embed an entire Wave conversation into a blog post, which lets readers view and interact with it. Similar tools that let you do that with other social and blogging can be expected as Wave's API matures.

First introduced at the Google I/O Conference back in late May, Wave is Google's re-imagining of Web e-mail, and a sibling of Gmail--the company's current Web mail product. It blends live chat and e-mail in one service, and is one of Google's most experimental creations yet. Google says it still has some more work to do on the project before it's ready for beta testers to start drumming on it, including how fast and stable it is.

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