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100,000 standalone HD DVD players sold in U.S.

According to a press release from the North American HD DVD Promotional Group, 100,000 standalone HD DVD players have been sold in the U.S.

Is the HD-A2's sub-$400 price tag sparking sales?

Just got an e-mail from the PR firm representing HD DVD, and the North American HD DVD Promotional Group has announced that "sales of dedicated HD DVD consumer electronics players reached more than 100K units sold in the United States, ahead of any other high definition format." I'm not sure why, but that figure doesn't include sales of HD DVD PC drives or the Xbox 360 HD DVD player, which the group says, "are also selling strongly."

I presume that Team HD DVD may not want to compare total HD DVD hardware sales to total Blu-ray hardware sales, which includes sales of PS3 units. But that would be cynical of me. For now let's just applaud the 100K figure, leave it at that, and wait for The Big Lebowski to come out on HD DVD next month. (There was something in the press release about The Complete Matrix Trilogy coming in May from Warner Home Video, but that's not "The One" I'm looking forward to).