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10-year-old saves family in errant car, credits Mario Kart

A boy's great grandmother passes out behind the wheel of a vehicle going at a high speed. What's a 10-year-old to do? Grab the wheel like he's on Rainbow Road, that's what!

A scene from Mario Kart 8.

A heartwarming story out of Hugo, Colo., tells a tale of how a 10-year-old boy saved his great grandmother and brother's life after she passed out behind the wheel of their vehicle going 60 miles per hour. Where did his driving expertise come from? Mario Kart, naturally.

Denver NBC affiliate KUSA has the report on how young Gryffin Sanders became a hero in the throes of chaos. Last Friday, everything seemed normal for the boy and his family until their vehicle crossed the center lane and beelined straight into oncoming traffic. The car also contained his 4-year-old brother.

"My first thought was actually, is this a test or what?" Sanders said. "My heart was thumping."

The situation truly was a test, as his great grandmother lost control after what may have been a mild heart attack. After trying to wake her up, Sanders took the wheel and steered the vehicle toward a ditch full of mud. According to KUSA, Sanders told reporters that he got his driving skills from playing Mario Kart.

Fortunately, due to his brave actions, the car came to a stop, and KUSA reports that there were no injuries in the accident.

These days, you can't go too long without hearing something about the negative impact of video games on impressionable minds -- but as Gryffin Sanders shows us, there's plenty of positives that can derive from gaming, too.

(Via Polygon)