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10 most-anticipated upcoming tech products

The year's more than half over and we've already seen several high-profile products released. What's left for the remainder of 2011? Here's a look at 10 highly anticipated products coming soon.

At the start of the year, I did a little roundup of the 12 most-anticipated tech products of 2011. Well, the year's more than half over and many of those products have come out already.

We had the BlackBerry Playbook, Nintendo 3DS, Chrome OS notebooks, Motorola Xoom, HP TouchPad, and iPad 2, to name some of the high-profile launches we've seen in 2011. So what's left?

Some good stuff--and even a few items beyond the obvious Apple gear. Have a look and as always, if you think we missed any potential items, feel free to suggest them in the comments section. We'll update the slideshow with any worthy picks we may have overlooked.

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