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10 Less Than Ordinary Fans to Keep Cool

10 Designer fans that will keep you cool, and look gorgeous enough to leave out when not in use.

Jean Aw
Jean Aw is a 24-year-old design addict, shopaholic, tech connoisseur, design writer, world traveler, UX designer, and entrepreneur. While usually in Los Angeles or San Francisco, she is very mobile, hopping around the country and across the globe, entrenching herself in international culture and design hot spots. She often finds the most incredible things in the most unlikely of places and loves bringing them to her readers, often leaving them wondering whether the treasure came in the existence or in the discovery. When not tending to Notcot.com and her network of design sites, you can find her here giving a dose of gorgeous, lust-worthy designer goodness for everyday living.
Jean Aw
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These 10 fans will blow you away. Jean Aw, NOTCOT

With the Summer Solstice last week, it's pretty warm out, and that means we're definitely in the midst of fan season. Being a bit tired of the same old designs that we've all seen and probably had since college (come on, you know the types... the floppy cheap drugstore plastic floor fans, or those double fans you close your window over?)... so here are some more aesthetically pleasing options - So you really have NO EXCUSE left to have an ugly fan.

Black + Blum's Propello
Black + Blum's Propello Black + Blum
1. Black + Blum's Propello - with its soft natural rubber blades and virtually silent motor, it is safe on your desk from anything that may make contact with it, and any phone call you need to take in the heat.

Lexon - tykho fan by marc berthier
Lexon - tykho fan by marc berthier Unica Home
2. Lexon - Tykho Fan by Marc Berthier - is even in the Pompidou in Paris. This is in aluminum with white PVC blades.

Vornado Zippi
Vornado Zippi Vornado
3. Vornado's Zippi - When its desperately hot out i carry this one around the house with me... its so portable, its easy to take along on trips, and is surprisingly a great breeze generator. Also, the Zippi practically invites you to sit and stick your fingers into its "blades" which are made from soft cloth, so forget any "don't stick your fingers in the fan" warnings you may have heard long ago.

Vintage Vornado Fan
Vornado Goes Vintage Vornado
4. Classic Vornado Air Circulator - Same great fan power inside, throwback to the vintage fans of the past on the outside.

Black + Blum Venti
Black + Blum Venti Black + Blum
5. Black + Blum's Venti - you can have this one climb walls. Well ok, not quite, but you can mount it anywhere you like. I saw this one in action at ICFF in NY, and it looks great off the side of a wall, and check out that adorable little remote control? The Venti was inspired by the aesthetics of Jet Engines, so its no wonder that its gorgeous shape is so appealing and makes it feel as if you may take off at any moment.

Vornado Swan Oscillating Fan
Vornado Swan Oscillating Fan Vornado
6. Vornado Silver Swan Fan - "inspired by the glamour of the 1930's Art Deco period. The Swan oscillating fan is created with solid metal construction and deep pitch whisper-quiet blades." Something about this fan makes me imagine an old school detective movie scene, with this on his desk.

Ventilux GNR8
7. Ventilux by Zetsche & Koenigbauer - Unlike any other fan in this list, you actually spin the fan to start it up. Pull the power plug and choose between 3 speeds - atmosphere, breeze or storm.

Vornado Air Circulator
Vornado Air Circulator Vornado
8. Vornado Air Circulators - I personally have found no fans as effective as Vornados (same goes for their heaters) - this air circulator i've moved with me from city to city, and no heatwave has beat it.

Fanimation Ceiling Fans Fargo Model
Fanimation Ceiling Fans Fargo Model Amazon
9. Fanimation Fargo Fan - In all honesty, i needed to find 10 aesthetically interesting fans, and i was running out of fans I knew, with a quick browse on amazon, this spherical desk fan was too unique not to share.

Air King 42-Inch Belt Driven Drum Fan
Air King 42-Inch Belt Driven Drum Fan Amazon
10. "="">Air King 42" Belt Driven Drum Fan - for anyone who didn't think my other fans were enough for their needs, this monster of a fan ought to do the trick. It looks like it could blow ME away.