10 hilarious 'Star Trek' spoofs

"Star Trek" is coming out in theaters Friday, but before you run out to watch the film, check out these 10 "Star Trek" spoof clips. You'll have a good laugh.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
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"Star Trek" is coming (back) to theaters, and millions of fans are getting ready to check it out. It's serious business. Before you see the new film, watch these 10 videos that spoof the famed franchise.

Ben Stiller gets in on the action
What's better than watching "Star Trek" get spoofed? Watching Ben Stiller spoof "Star Trek"! In this clip, he's Captain Kirk. And he's on a mission.

Can I get a...
Something is on the minds of Captain Kirk, Spock, and the rest. They're worried. They're pensive. No, they're just hungry.

Grandpa Simpson loves old-school "Star Trek"
"The Simpsons" is one of the most cherished cartoon comedies in history. And its portrayal of "Star Trek XII" is hilarious. You'll find all your favorites--Kirk, Spock, and Sulu--but they'll be just a little older than you remember them. And Grandpa Simpson loves it.

Jim Carrey does "Star Trek"
Who's funnier than Jim Carrey when he does "Star Trek"? If you ask me, nobody. This clip is old-school Carrey doing what he does best: making people laugh with his quirky style. Whether you're a real "Star Trek" fan or you have no idea what it's all about, you'll find this funny. I certainly did.

Space Trek
Something is wrong on the Starship and only our good friend Spark (no, not Spock) can help us. Space Trek takes you into a world of "Star Trek" unlike anything you've ever seen. Check it out.

Star Trek Frasier
This clip brings the cast of "Frasier"--an old sitcom favorite of mine--into the world of "Star Trek." The cast is performing onstage at an awards show. It's not the best spoof I've ever seen, but it's certainly worth watching.

Bloody Nose Star Trek Guy
Star Trek Guy is hilarious. He lives at home. He watches "Star Trek" all the time. Watch as he issues commands and talks to his mom.

Star Trek Guy.

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Star Trek, meet Monty Python
If you're a Monty Python fan, you'll love this clip. It's all your favorites from "Star Trek," like Kirk, Spock, and the rest, but it's set in a Monty Python setting. Never thought those two shows would come together? Yeah, neither did I.

Star Trek: The sitcom years
Who doesn't love a bad 1980s sitcom? The laughs are usually inappropriate. And the comedy is just one step below Saturday morning cartoons. Have you ever wondered what would happen to "Star Trek" if it was transformed into one of those sitcoms? Wonder no more.

Stewie loves "Star Trek"
There are countless "Family Guy" clips detailing Stewie's passion for "Star Trek," but his decision to transport the cast to his bedroom for an impromptu interview is one of my favorites. And his use of futuristic weaponry to get his point across is always worth a good chuckle.