10 great iPad cases

People keep sending us random iPad cases, and the surprising thing is, many of them are actually quite good, or at least have one or two killer features.

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Imagine Andy Rooney doing one of his weekly video monologues about iPad cases. "People keep sending me random iPad cases in the mail. I don't know what they expect me to do with these things, I certainly can't fit them over my Selectric typewriter." (Yes, we know Andy uses a computer these days, but you get the idea.)

In fact, largely because we've both written extensively about Apple's popular tablet, people do keep sending us random iPad cases. The surprising thing is, many of them are actually quite good, or at least have one or two killer features. Still, it's hard to come up with a case that encompasses a perfect combination of form and function; that's something we realized pretty soon after the iPad's launch, and months later it's still true.

What works for you might not be what works for others: do you want an iPad case that's thin? One that's thickly padded? Is a kickstand important? How about a raised angle for typing? Do you need a spare pocket for papers or a lint cloth?

Take a browse through this collection of iPad casesof all shapes and sizes that have landed on our desks recently. Chances are, there's something there that hits all of your must-have bullet points. If not, we want to hear what's missing; let us know what your perfect iPad case entails in the comments section below.

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