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Which iPad Pro keyboard should you buy?
1:38 13 July 2017
Logitech's new keyboard has some advantages over Apple's.
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Token is a ring that's also your wallet and keychain
1:02 30 June 2017
An NFC-equipped ring with fingerprint sensor aims to store your information securely. Will you let it?
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Don't panic over Amazon's automatic video calls
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Drop In, a feature in the new Echo Show touchscreen/smart speaker, could theoretically invite in unexpected visitors. Let's all slow...
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Roli's Blocks modular music system gets a new snap-on instrument.
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CNET's live coverage from WWDC 2017 (replay)
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Watch a replay of CNET's coverage from Apple's WWDC 2017 live event. Relive the action as it unfolded inside the CNET studio.
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Your bladder's the limit with this virtual pet water bottle
0:53 1 June 2017
Meet Gululu -- a water bottle with a Tamagotchi-like creature on the side that moves and grows the more you drink.
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End those frustrating calls where your parents ask how tech works
2:22 1 June 2017
Using your phone's camera, Vuforia's Project Chalk video calls let you make annotations on the screen so you can show someone how to...
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We road-trip Sphero's Ultimate Lightning McQueen to Cars Land
1:00 27 May 2017
Sphero's Ultimate Lightning McQueen is the most technologically advanced remote control car we've ever seen.
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