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Wi-Fi routers under $100

Need to upgrade your home Wi-Fi router? Here are five options that are an exceptional value at less than $100.
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Latest videos says 'hola' to Spanish speakers
1:12 10 March 2017
The online shopping giant is offering a new language option within its main US site for Spanish speakers.
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YouTube TV is Google's new live TV streaming service
1:17 1 March 2017
The video website reveals its forthcoming cable-like service that will include DVR, better recommendations and Google Home support.
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Rhett & Link battle for artistic supremacy -- in VR
4:56 12 February 2017
The "Good Mythical Morning" YouTube stars tackle a CNET challenge: Playing pictionary in virtual reality.
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Twitter is finally cracking down on abuse
1:03 8 February 2017
Twitter announces three new changes to combat online harassment.
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Netflix Twitter hacked by 'white-hat' group
1:19 22 December 2016
Self-proclaimed white-hat security group OurMine had a busy day. We'd offer reassurance your Netflix account is fine, but you're probably...
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Trump and Clinton face off in heated final debate
2:15 21 October 2016
The two presidential candidates continue with fiery exchanges in their final debate, sparring over everything from Russian espionage...
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Take control of Facebook's targeted ads
1:16 4 June 2016
Facebook has made changes to its policies for serving targeted ads both on and off of its network. Change these simple settings to...
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Why chatbots will change the way you live
2:27 26 May 2016
More than just another interface, the chatbot could be the biggest next big thing since the smartphone.
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