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4 common Amazon Alexa problems and how to fix them
2:54 6 December 2016
Amazon's Echo, Echo Dot and Tap speakers come loaded with features and are virtually maintenance-free. But things don't always go to...
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Lenovo commits to 12 Moto Mods per year
1:13 6 December 2016
Motorola's modular phone should have a healthy future with its parent company producing more snap-on accessories in 2017.
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More Moto Mods coming next year, and 'Luke Cage' gets second season
1:26 6 December 2016
Motorola has cooked up more magnetic Mod accessories for its Moto Z phones, Netflix gives "Luke Cage" a second outing and the EU claims...
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Top tech gifts for your home
1:51 6 December 2016
From voice-assistant smart speakers like Google Home to a printer that brings your photos to life with augmented reality, these are...
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Top 5 gadget gifts under $100 (2016 edition)
2:05 5 December 2016
You can find really cool tech gifts for your loved ones (or yourself) without cleaning out your bank account.
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This sleek Asus tablet is the iPad Air 2 of the Android world
1:07 5 December 2016
Sleek, chic and affordably priced, the Asus ZenPad One 3s starts at $299 (£235, AU$400).
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This slim gaming laptop is VR-ready
1:29 5 December 2016
The Origin PC Evo 15-S can support VR headsets, still has plenty of ports and isn't a monster-sized beast.
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4 new Instagram features you may have missed
1:47 5 December 2016
The latest updates bring fun, new features to your favorite photo-sharing app, which may be crossing over into Snapchat territory.
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