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Christmas 2011: TVs

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LG OLED TVs give great picture and look gorgeous doing it
2:13 22 April 2017
The ultraslim C7 and E7 OLED TVs from LG are two of the best-performing, most expensive TVs you can buy today.
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Top 5 things you should know about 4K TVs
2:04 6 February 2017
When you're looking for a new television, arm yourself with this information.
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3D TV might finally be dead
1:30 19 January 2017
LG and Sony will not support 3D in any of their televisions for 2017. The companies join Samsung and Vizio in dropping the third dimension...
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LG’s other OLED TVs for the not-so-rich are still amazing
1:20 9 January 2017
The E7 and B7 are two of the company's mainstream 4K OLED sets for 2017, offering all of the picture quality benefits of the high-end...
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Sony's high-end LCDs get picture upgrades, Dolby Vision HDR
1:32 8 January 2017
The successors to some of our favorite LCD TVs of 2016 boast brighter images and access to more HDR content.
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Sony OLED TV promises supreme picture, hides speakers
1:27 8 January 2017
The Sony A1E combines all of the picture quality advantages of OLED with audio integrated into the stand and the screen itself.
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The coolest TV tech of CES 2017
17:51 7 January 2017
CNET's Brian Tong and David Katzmaier discuss wallpaper-thin OLED, bright quantum dots and huge screens.
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Samsung QLED TVs use quantum dots to battle LG's OLEDs
1:45 7 January 2017
LG's OLED TVs rule the picture quality roost, but Samsung says its new QLEDs are brighter with better color.
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