Harman JBL Link View VS Lenovo Smart Display 10

Google Assistant has two alternatives to the Amazon Echo Show. Both are pretty great, but which one is better?

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The Good

The JBL Link View sounds great playing music, particularly with bass-heavy tracks. Thanks to Google Assistant, the Link View works best as a kitchen assistant, with a great guided recipe system, an attractive touchscreen and a knack for multitasking.

The Bad

You can't adjust the EQ settings of the music. It can be a pain to scroll through content with your voice. You can only make video calls with Google Duo.

The Bottom Line

The JBL Link View is worth the price if you want a capable kitchen helper that can blast your music while you work.


The Good

The Lenovo Smart Display is a great kitchen assistant with an elegant design and a high-resolution touchscreen. It multitasks well, responds quickly to both touch and voice commands, and offers a rich, personalized home screen and a customizable ambient mode.

The Bad

I'd like the screen to do more when you play games or listen to music. You're limited to Google Duo for making voice calls. Scrolling through content with your voice can be tedious.

The Bottom Line

If you'd like visual recipe help in the kitchen, the Lenovo Smart Display performs that task exceedingly well and everything else well enough that it deserves your consideration.



Both the JBL Link View and the Lenovo Smart Display use Google Assistant to answer your questions. Both even use the same operating system, so this category is a tie, because they essentially have the same features.


JBL wins this one. Its mics heard my commands a little more reliably over background noise, and its speakers sound noticeably better when playing music.


Another tie, as again, these two devices have a lot of similarities. Both have physical shutters and mute buttons if you want privacy. Both have reliable touchscreens and responsive mics for voice controls.


The Lenovo Smart Display takes this one as its elegant design fits perfectly in the kitchen with a bamboo back that resembles a cutting board.


The Lenovo Smart Display gets the slight edge, thanks to its nicer design and larger screen. If you want better sound quality, the JBL Link View is a fine alternative that only lost this battle by a hair.

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