Amazon Echo VS Google Home

Amazon and Google have been going back and forth in a battle for smart speaker supremacy. As a result, both smart speakers are great, but which one is better?

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The Good

With a variety of new designs, the new Amazon Echo is better-looking than the original, just as smart and a lot less expensive. The addition of an aux-out jack lets you connect it with your existing audio setup. It's also a slightly better listener than before.

The Bad

Though fine for casual listening and strong enough to fill a room with music, the Echo still doesn't sound as good as premium, high-fidelity speakers. The volume ring of the original is gone, replaced with the cheaper volume buttons of the Echo Dot.

The Bottom Line

Alexa is still the most compelling voice control platform, and the new and improved Echo should only boost her momentum. It's well worth $100.


The Good

Australia's version of Google Home isn't just a rebadged product. The smart speaker has Aussie language skills, local features and integrations with Australian services like Stan and ABC News.

The Bad

Third-party product integrations aren't what they are overseas, and there are still some features missing.

The Bottom Line

The smart home concept is still getting off the ground locally and so Australians won't have all the features that customers get in the US. But if you're a tinkerer who wants to start building a smart home ecosystem, then the Google Home is a perfect place to begin.



Both the Echo and the Home have slick designs. The Google Home attempts to blend in a little more, but it looks like a can of air freshener. The 2017 Echo is compact and elegant.


Google's done an admirable job of catching the Google Home up to the Echo. At this point, their feature lists are comparable, but the Echo still has more.


Both hear you well and respond accurately to most of your commands, but the 2017 Echo is $30 less.

Sound quality

The Home sounds more natural at a moderate volume and has a little more bass than the Echo. Neither will suit audiophiles, but both will do just fine for casually listening to music.


The battle is close as both smart speakers have a ton of features, but Amazon's Echo line still wears the crown.

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