Amazon VS Lenovo Smart Display 10

Both the Amazon Echo Show and the Lenovo Smart Display combine the functionality of a smart speaker with a simple touchscreen for watching videos, looking at pictures, and checking directions. The Show came first, but which one is better?

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The Good

The Echo Show offers everything you love about Alexa, complete with new video and touchscreen controls. It shines best as a dedicated, hands-free video calling command center.

The Bad

The uninspired design feels dated. At launch, the touchscreen visuals don't do enough to bring Alexa to life, or make her much easier to use -- though that could change with the arrival of new screen-specific Alexa skills.

The Bottom Line

Amazon's touchscreen Alexa device shows potential for people interested in video chatting with friends and family members, but it needs a little more development before we'd recommend it.


The Good

The Lenovo Smart Display is a great kitchen assistant with an elegant design and a high-resolution touchscreen. It multitasks well, responds quickly to both touch and voice commands, and offers a rich, personalized home screen and a customizable ambient mode.

The Bad

I'd like the screen to do more when you play games or listen to music. You're limited to Google Duo for making voice calls. Scrolling through content with your voice can be tedious.

The Bottom Line

If you'd like visual recipe help in the kitchen, the Lenovo Smart Display performs that task exceedingly well and everything else well enough that it deserves your consideration.



The Echo Show offers all of the functionality of Amazon's assistant Alexa. The Lenovo Smart Display makes use of the Google Assistant. Alexa works with a few more smart-home devices than Google Assistant, but Lenovo's Display makes controlling them easier. You can also watch YouTube videos on the Lenovo Smart Display, and it's better at showing you directions and interacting with your calendar.


The Echo Show has a "Tap to Alexa" mode for those with hearing or speech impairments, but the Lenovo Smart Display excels at recipe assistance, personalized responses and multitasking, making it a better sous chef and personal assistant.


This category isn't close. The Lenovo Smart Display looks elegant and refined. The bamboo back of the 10-inch version resembles a cutting board, while the gray back of the 8-inch model is unassuming and simple. The Amazon Echo Show is bulky and dull. It resembles an outdated TV from the '90s.


The Lenovo Smart Display sounds fine if you want to listen to music while you cook, and it'll hear most of your commands clearly, but Alexa and the Echo Show win this one. The Show has better, more powerful speakers and mics that can pick up your voice from further away and over more background noise.


Even though the Amazon Echo Show has slightly more powerful speakers and better microphones, the Lenovo Smart Display is clearly the better option if you want a smart speaker with a screen. Lenovo and Google Assistant use the screen to great effect at a number of different tasks, and it excels at recipe assistance in particular. The Echo Show is good at a lot of things, but it's not great at anything.

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