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HP w2408h

The HP w2408h True Color Widescreen is a well-priced 24-inch monitor that looks stylish and performs well. Its lack of a DVI port is its only major stumbling block.


We suspect the market for DisplayLink devices is reasonably niche due to its limitations; however, for those doing simple work, it's a cheap way to get multiple monitors running.

Asus VW223B

The Asus VW223B is acceptable for its intended audience — those who need to add a second monitor cheaply, and are undemanding in its use.


The MK241H is a decent performer for what it is, but for AU$100 more you could have the vastly superior Dell 2408WFP or Samsung 245T.

ViewSonic VP2250wb

While it's definitely not a professional monitor as claimed, as an all-purpose monitor ViewSonic's VP2250wb does well, offering a step up within the 22-inch space.

BenQ V2400W

BenQ's V2400W is a great way to get a higher resolution at a cheap price, although some of the usual extras are left out along the way.

Dell 2709W

While hardcore PC gamers might want to stay clear, and colour professionals may have to wrestle a little with calibration to get the most out of it, the 2709W is likely to please your average user to no end who wants a big screen with a decent resolution.

Dell Crystal

Although the performance is okay, Dell's Crystal is best left to those who want to prove they have money.

Zalman ZM-M220W

The Zalman ZM-M220W is a very good gaming monitor, with decent contrast and colours, but the 3D capabilities aren't as special as we'd hoped.

Dell 2408wfp

While the 2408wfp is more evolution than revolution, when all this goes for under AU$1,000 it's hard to pass up, especially if you're looking for something in the size range.

HP L1908w

HP's L1908w delivers a cheap but acceptable experience for users on a tight budget who don't want to risk a "no-name" brand display.

Dell 3008WFP

With a crazy number of inputs, 1080p over component and good rendering of 1080i, this monitor has set itself up as a potential TV replacement.

Asus VW202T

ASUS's VW202T hits that sweet spot between price, performance and size. Only those who need colour perfection should steer clear, for everyone else this is spot on.

Samsung SyncMaster 226BW

Given its gaming credentials, it's no surprise the Samsung SyncMaster 226BW is best for games, but it's expensive and feature-poor.


The ASUS PG221 is an improvement over its older 19-inch sibling and does a lot of things right -- the 'all in one' concept may annoy some though.

ViewSonic VX2255wmb

The 22-inch ViewSonic VX2255wmb features a wide-screen display framed by a consumer-friendly, piano-black bezel, but it lacks the extra video ports consumers can rightfully expect to find on an LCD these days. Its image quality is excellent, however, and it boasts a built-in Webcam and microphone.

Samsung SyncMaster 275T

The Samsung 275T is an excellent screen -- it's just pipped at the post by Dell's offering.

Dell 2407WFP-HC

Dell has provided an excellent revision to its 2407 series, at an amazing price point. The only reason we can come up with not to buy it is if you desperately need 1080p over component.