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Amazon Show Mode Charging Dock

The Amazon Show Mode Charging Dock is a smart, convenient way to get double duty from your Fire tablet while keeping it charged, too.

Rode smartLav

The smartLav is an inexpensive and highly portable solution for recording broadcast-quality audio using a smartphone.

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 8

If you're looking for a top-of-the-line iPod dock that not only supports iPads but looks and sounds amazing, Bang and Olufsen's BeoSound 8 is what you should get.

Powermonkey eXplorer

The battery is huge and it serves its purpose well, and we love the option to use solar power, but we're disappointed with the flimsy iPhone adapter. For $150, we expect top-notch accessories.

Bose Mobile In-Ear Headset

The Bose mobile in-ear headset is a fantastic pair of headphones for people who love music, and for those who just have to sit close to them on the bus.

Sony Ericsson Bluetooth CAR-100

A remote controlled Bluetooth car suitable for use with a Sony Ericsson mobile phone that supports Bluetooth technology.

Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Car Handsfree HCB-150

The HCB-150 is good at what it does, but it is a shame it doesn't include all the features we want to see in a hands-free car speaker. Oh, and it's a bit ugly.


More of a novelty device than a security solution, the EyeCam is a relatively cheap way to keep an eye on your pets or kids while you're out.

Motorola MOTOROKR EQ3 Compact Folding Speaker

For a low-cost mobile speaker kit, the EQ3 worked as well as we expected, and for the money, offers a decent speaker kit for a caravan or small bedroom.

Valet Charger Power Pack 6700 mAh for Apple Watch + iPhone

Belkin's got another Valet dual charging accessory for iPhones and Apple Watches, but this one's a portable.

Samsung DeX Dock

As a $99 way to turn your phone into a makeshift basic PC, Samsung DeX makes the case if you have an extra monitor and some desk space. But it's best used for light browser work.

Richard Solo 1800

It's not exactly what we want in a backup battery for the iPhone, but it's the best of the bunch we've seen so far.

Unison B-XT Bluetooth Speakers

A sleek attractively designed speaker system spoiled by playback so bass-heavy that the music we played sounded as if it was playing in a different room.

Motorola MOTOROKR T505 Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone

For people who need an in-car hands-free speakerphone the MOTOROKR T505 will certainly do the job. It looks good and couldn't be simpler to use.

Sony Ericsson MBS-200

The sound produced by the MBS-200 isn't going to replace a good sound system at home, but it is enough to rock out to in your bedroom, or to take away with you on a holiday with friends.

Uniden Wireless Power Starter Kit

Uniden's charging solution couldn't be easier to use, but a full kit is rather costly.

Sony Ericsson HCB-100

A highly functional portable Bluetooth hands free kit that’s at home in either the car or office, but is let down by poor audio quality.

Motorola MOTOROKR EQ5 Portable Wireless Speaker

The Motorola EQ5 portable wireless speakers aren't perfect but they're a solid accompaniment to a Motorola Rokr E8 mobile phone.