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Gamevice for iPhone

If you really must have an iPhone gamepad, the Gamevice is a pretty decent pick; however, lackluster support from Apple (and game developers) still make it hard to recommend.

Oculus Rift Earphones

Don't care for the built-in headphones on your Oculus Rift headset? You can replace those on-ear cans with these Earphones -- for a price.

MyCharge PowerGame

MyCharge's PowerGame has a clean design and a built-in kickstand that makes it one of the better charging packs for the Switch.

Razer Nari Ultimate wireless gaming headset

The wireless headset has haptic feedback to make gameplay more immersive. And, of course, it lights up.

Mad Catz Surfr

If you've always hated using a separate Bluetooth keyboard just to enter search terms into your Android TV box, Mad Catz's Surfr may be just the thing.

Realm System

Australian start-up Realm wants to bring a dash of fitness to your gaming with its energy-measuring, resistance band motion control system.

LucidSound LS30

Gaming audio industry vets have combined to form Lucid Sound, a new gaming peripheral company. The brand's first multiplatform headset, the LS-30, is debuting at CES 2016.

Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand

A charger that fixes everything -- except your lousy Mario Kart time trial stats.

Nintendo Labo

Nintendo Labo is a fun and unique Switch add-on -- a Lego-meets-Ikea cardboard construction set that will unlock kids’ real-world creativity.

Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector

If you don't already have a wireless network, the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector is a quick and easy way to get your DS online.

Griffin iTrip PSP

  • Package Content: 2 AA batteries, FM transmitter
  • Compatible Game Consoles: Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP)

Sony PlayStation 3 Move Starter Bundle Kit

  • Package Content: PlayStation Move wireless game controller
  • Compatible Game Consoles: Sony PlayStation 3

Nintendo Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter

  • Compatible Game Consoles: Nintendo Game Boy Advance

Score PSP Portable Movie Player

  • Package Content: battery adapter, earphones, stand


  • Package Content: AC power adapter, cable kit, video converter / recorder
  • Compatible Game Consoles: Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP)

iRecord Pro

  • Package Content: AC power adapter, cable kit, remote control, video converter / recorder
  • Compatible Game Consoles: Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP)

Nyko GameFace 360

  • Package Content: software kit
  • Compatible Game Consoles: Xbox 360

Nyko Wand Action Pak

  • Package Content: game console controller
  • Compatible Game Consoles: Nintendo Wii