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Best Budget Desktops of 2017

  • 7.7 Overall
    • 8 Design
    • 8 Features
    • 7 Performance
    Intel Compute Stick (2016)

    Best full Windows PC in your pocket

    This second-gen PC-in-a-stick is a solid improvement on the original, with better performance and a second USB port. It's a clever way to turn any TV or monitor into a full PC.

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  • Asus Chromebit

    Best web browser for your TV

    By sticking Chrome OS on a simple stick, the Chromebit lets you access all the cloud-based tools Chromebook users love through any TV or monitor.

    7.8 Overall
    • 8 Design
    • 8 Features
    • 7 Performance
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    Endless Mini

    Best PC for offline use

    This Linux-powered desktop costs virtually nothing, and comes preloaded with tons of educational software, making it potentially very useful for kids who don't have access to regular internet access.

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Also recommended

  • An overstuffed all-in-one for closet gamers
    Origin PC Omni
  • A tiny desktop on a mission
    Endless Mission One
  • A dapper desktop with perks for the work-at-home crowd
    HP Elite Slice
  • An ugly-duckling desktop becomes a swan
    HP Envy Curved All-in-One 34 (2017)
  • An all-in-one for when looks are everything
    HP Envy 27 AIO (late 2016)
  • A feast for the senses in an all-in-one footprint
    Dell XPS 27 (2017)
  • HP's PC gaming flagship turns PC gaming on its side
    HP Omen X
  • Pricey Surface Studio can teach iMac a few good tricks
    Microsoft Surface Studio
  • A VR-ready mini monster in a suitcase
    Acer Predator G1
  • A big performer in a big case
    CybertronPC CLX Ra
  • A compact powerhouse for VR and more
    Falcon Northwest FragBox (2016)
  • A full-size, full-power, VR-ready desktop tower
    Origin PC Millennium (2016)
  • A lot of VR-ready desktop in a small package
    Alienware Aurora
  • The most powerful stick PC yet
    Intel Compute Stick (Core m3)
  • VR chops in an aggressive design
    Acer Predator G6
  • A big, powerful VR desktop that puts the VR ports up front
    AVADirect Avatar VR desktop
  • This plain black box fades into the background, putting VR center stage
    Velocity Micro Raptor Z55
  • Hitting the virtual-reality sweet spot
    Lenovo Ideacentre Y900 RE
  • A compact powerhouse for virtual reality
    Falcon Northwest Tiki
  • A compact powerhouse for VR gaming
    Origin PC Chronos
  • An Oculus-approved, VR-ready desktop for less
    Dell XPS 8900 Special Edition
  • A gaming beast that's ready for VR
    Origin PC Eon17-SLX (GeForce 980)
  • Apple packs more pixels into its smallest iMac
    Apple iMac with 4K Retina display (21.5-inch, 2015)