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WD My Passport Elite 500GB review: WD My Passport Elite 500GB

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Typical Price: $199.00
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The Good Included dock. Colour variety. Capacity lights.

The Bad Fitting to the dock is tricky. Drive speeds still limited by USB 2.0 interface.

The Bottom Line Desktop users who need a portable drive will find the My Passport Elite endearing, although the dock could stand to be a little more user friendly.

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7.9 Overall

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There's only so much you can do with a pocket-sized hard drive, beyond making it pocket sized in the first place. Western Digital's pretty much tried every design trick possible by now, and to look at it by itself, the My Passport Elite isn't much different. Our 500GB review sample was bright red, but it's also available in blue or black. Or if you like marketing speak, the My Passport Elite comes in "Anodized Red", "Anodized Blue" or "Charcoal Metallic" colours. As we said, Red, Blue or Black.

Where Western Digital applies the "elite" moniker is in a few key differentiating features. For a start, the drive itself has a small LED light that runs up one side indicating available capacity. It's a very simple trick, and one that even Western Digital's pulled out before in other external hard drive lines, but we're still somewhat impressed with it from a pure "here's some happy lights to show off your cool tech" kind of way.

The My Passport Elite also comes with a dedicated desktop dock. It's not that fancy to look at, but it does make it a more pleasant drive to use for desktop users, as you can safely install it to a rear-mounted USB port on your PC and not have to worry about freeing up ports or scrabbling around under desks to plug and unplug USB cables.

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