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Wacom Creative Stylus 2 review: Wacom's Creative Stylus 2 draws a softer, finer line

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Like its sibling the Bamboo Fineline, the CS2 has a Micro-USB connector at the top with a small attached rubber cover. Based on my experiences with the Fineline, I predict that if you don't handle the stylus with care all the time, the cover will probably rip off and disappear. Battery life seems to be pretty reasonably long and it recharges fairly quickly,

The pressure difference translates to a broader range of intensities for the Creative Stylus 2. Lori Grunin/CNET

Testing with an iPad Air I like the feel of the Creative Stylus 2 far more than the original, but it really depends upon whether you prefer the friction-y glide of the old fat nib compared with the slippery-surface-skating feel of the smaller, harder nib. I could also really tell the difference between the 1,024 levels of pressure supplied by the Bamboo Fineline versus the CS2; it translates into better sensing of a light touch and a broader tonal range rendered by strokes of increasing pressure. And the Creative Stylus 2 feels just as effective as the Fineline for taking notes.

You do have to do some digging to figure out to connect the stylus to your favorite art apps -- it's a different procedure for each one, but that's common among these styluses. The app developers generally provide decent instructions for doing so, though.

Like most current styluses, the CS2 connects via Bluetooth 4 but support is implemented on an app-by-app basis; as yet, as far as I know, none of them support the native pressure sensitivity incorporated into the iOS 8 programming interface. That means Apple phableters (and iPhone 6 Plus owners) won't be able to take advantage quite yet. Then again, there's no support for Android or Windows 8 tablets either.

The CS2 will support Wacom's forthcoming cloud services, DropZone cloud clipboard and ControlRoom, which will store various pen and tablet settings -- those sound a lot like the Creative Cloud functionality in Adobe Ink . According to Wacom these are still a couple of weeks away, slated for the end of October.

The Wacom Creative Stylus 2 is really worth the upgrade from the original version, and a great accessory for anyone who does art on an iPad .

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