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Sony NV-U70 review: Sony NV-U70

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The Good The sleek and ultraportable Sony NV-U70 features a simple interface and an accurate receiver.

The Bad The Sony NV-U70 was a little slow to calculate routes, and it lacks some of the features found in similarly priced competitors, such as text-to-speech functionality and traffic services.

The Bottom Line The Sony NV-U70 is a solid in-car nav system for the GPS newbie, offering ease of use and accurate directions, but you can get more for your money from competing products.

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6.3 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 5
  • Performance 7

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Sony NV-U70

Much like the Alpine Blackbird, the Sony NV-U70 ($499.95) represents a first venture into the portable in-car navigation market from an established company, and though it's a solid and accurate GPS device, it doesn't offer anything the competition doesn't. In fact, it's missing some of the latest features showing up in today's systems, such as traffic services, text-to-speech functionality, and a music player. The NV-U70's no-frills simplicity and intuitive interface might be good for the first-time buyer, but if you want a little more bang for your buck, we'd recommend taking a look at the Lowrance iWay 350c instead.

The Sony NV-U70's design and form factor are perhaps its greatest assets. At 4.1 by 3.5 by 1.8 inches and 11 ounces, the device is light, compact, and ultraportable, so you can easily move it from car to car. As a bonus, Sony provides you with a nice soft pouch so that you can carry the device around and protect it from sustaining any major dings. And believe us, one glance at this sharp device and you'll want to do all you can to keep it looking that way. As with most Sony products, the NV-U70 sports an attractive design that's highlighted by a polished silver and charcoal-gray casing, minimal controls, and a 3.5-inch touch screen; it reminded us of a mini TV. The display shows 65,536 colors at a 320x240-pixel resolution and features an antiglare/antifingerprint coating, as well as a light sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen depending on the environment (day, night, and so forth). While both of these functions worked for the most part, we encountered some trouble when viewing the screen in bright sunlight.

As we mentioned earlier, the Sony NV-U70's controls are kept to a minimum. There are two buttons on top of the unit: one to power on/off the device and a voice/position button to repeat the last set of instructions. All other commands are entered via the responsive touch screen. On the right side, you have a mini USB port and a charger port, both of which are protected by an attached rubber cover. The Sony NV-U70 also comes with a two-way front-panel speaker system.

We're happy to see that Sony packages the NV-U70 with all the essential accessories, including an AC adapter, a car charger, a USB cable, a windshield mount, a mounting plate and screws, and a good helping of reference material. We used the adjustable windshield mount for our tests and had no problem attaching it to our car, but more importantly, it held the unit firmly in place. The mechanism for releasing the NV-U70 from the mount is a little sticky, though. Other optional accessories, such as a neoprene carrying case and an external antenna, are available for purchase.

Sony NV-U70
Sony packages the NV-U70 with a handful of accessories, including this sturdy windshield mount.

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