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Samsung B2700 review: Samsung B2700

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Typical Price: $299.00
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The Good Flashlight. Loud speaker. Decent media player. Good call quality.

The Bad Battery life. No Wi-Fi or GPS. Low quality video-call camera. The flashlight can't double as a camera flash. Unreliable compass and altitude.

The Bottom Line If the two main features you need in a phone are a decent media player and making calls, then the B2700 won't disappoint.

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6.8 Overall

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Made from black plastic and hardened rubber, Samsung's B2700 is a rugged and tough-looking phone.

We envision big, burly men to be carrying this hefty (114g) and thick (115x52x18mm) phone around as it's not exactly stylish or sleek when compared to, say, Sony Ericsson's rugged phone. So perhaps when the box says "robust durability in style", Samsung is comparing it to the hammer and screwdriver in your toolkit.

Along the left side of the device is the volume rocker button and just below that, under a plastic flap, is a proprietary port for the included headphones, USB and charger. On the right side are two buttons, which control the camera and flashlight. At the top is the flashlight's bulb (which many people confused for the phone's on/off switch).

The keypad, like the rest of the phone, is made of rubber and has decent-sized keys that even men with large, stubby fingers can operate them without mistyping. And because the phone is dust and water resistant, there are no gaps between the keys (which also means the microSD slot is hidden away behind the battery).

The only parts of this phone not made of rubber are the 2-megapixel camera lens that is recessed at the back of the phone, the 1.9-inch, 176x220-pixel screen and the video-call camera just above it.

A carabiner strap is included in the box, but this doesn't feel or look as sturdy as the phone.


The B2700 has an IP54 certification, where IP stands for International Protection and the number 5 means that while the phone is resistant to dust, it is not entirely protected from it. The number 4 means splashing water on the phone should have no harmful effect, but it is not waterproof. Underlining that, Samsung has stipulated in its handbook that "water damage to your phone can void your manufacturer's warranty". The guide also advises against using your phone in dusty, dirty areas. So to be on the safe side, treat this phone like any other phone, and hope that its "robustness" and "durability" save you from those occasional accidents.


Besides looking burly and tough, what exactly can this phone do? Well, seeing as it's a pretty basic phone, not that much.

The B2700 is quad-band GPRS/EDGE compatible (850/900/1800/1900MHz) and supports Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP for streaming tunes to a wireless headset. It doesn't have GPS or Wi-Fi and only comes with 26MB of storage, but it does give you the option to expand up to 8GB with a microSD card.

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