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Razer Mamba (2012) review: Razer Mamba (2012)

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Yup, definitely Razer
(Screenshot by Craig Simms/CBS Interactive)

The control panel is the usual Razer fare, although as is expected of the "social" era, there are now Facebook and Twitter buttons crammed in. The usual independent X/Y sensitivity, USB polling rate, acceleration, custom DPI stages and profiles are here, and they're all stored on the mouse so you can go from computer to computer without needing software installed. As a downside, whenever you apply major settings to the mouse, it can take some time to write to the hardware — and ditto whenever opening the driver panel, which can sometimes take forever as it tries to read all the settings from the mouse. Razer calls the tech Synapse, and is in the process of giving gamers online storage options as well.

One interesting addition, perhaps in response to SteelSeries, is the ability to calibrate the Mamba depending on what surface it's on, and how high you lift the mouse off that surface when repositioning. Unlike SteelSeries mice the surface calibration is automatic, while the lift-off settings can be adjusted either manually or automatically.

Macro editing is excellent, allowing the insertion of delays, individual event editing, and default delays when recording regardless of how long you wait between events. Sadly, there's no ability to insert extra events or add events after the macro is finalised: if you hit the record button again, everything is wiped out and you start from the beginning.

It's not just the colours of the lighting system that have received a significant upgrade — now instead of just "on" and "off", you have custom colours, brightness controls and even power management controls so battery life is conserved.

Performance? We've read about some issues with skipping on the early firmware, but we're happy to report we came across no such incidences while running version 1.04. The Mamba's playing experience can best be described as smooth in both wired and wireless gaming modes, our aim gliding effortlessly in Serious Sam HD.

We have no hesitation in recommending the Mamba if you want no-holds-barred wireless gaming.

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