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Wearable Tech

You're so vain, you probably want your face on a Pop-I backpack

An e-ink backpack that lets you push your selfies to the back of your bag? Millennials are gonna love this.

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Millennials! Your personal brand is lagging! Time to get yourself a backpack that will display all your selfies, Insta posts and Snapchat screenshots while you walk around the streets of Hipsterville.

The Pop-I backpack is essentially a Kindle in a backpack, but instead of high-brow literature, this e-ink display shows photos taken straight from your phone. With the help of an app, you can take a selfie or pick a shot from your gallery and push it straight to your back.

Claire Reilly/CNET

Unlike your threadbare old Jansport, the Pop-I features:

  • Shatterproof, waterproof, flexible display
  • Removable tablet that fits into a window on the back of the bag
  • 10-inch screen
  • Long battery life
  • Lightweight bag with padded pocket for laptop
  • E-ink display keeps image on your bag until you change it

Santa Monica company Pop-I (the same name as the bag) is less than a year old, but according to brand manager Brie Arbaugh, there are big plans for the accessory including a smaller format Sport bag with 4.7-inch display.

For now, the 10-inch Classic bag is set to launch in the US in Spring of 2017 for $99 (roughly AU$135 or £80). Finally, a chance for Millennials to put their faces on every possible inch of their outfit.

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