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Small Appliances

Philips' smokeless grill brings your barbecue indoors

If you live in a small apartment without an outdoor garden, this smokeless grill could be ideal.


The Philips Indoor Grill makes meat grilling a smokeless affair for those living in apartments.

Aloysius Low/CNET

Apartment life can be tough. I've always wanted to grill a fat juicy steak at home, but I don't have a garden and don't want to risk filling up my place with charcoal smoke. But Philips is about to make my grilling dreams come true.

The Philips Avance Collection Indoor Grill may not look like much, but Philips has put plenty of thought into its black box design. Instead of filling up the grill with the usual charcoal, though, all you need to do is plug the Indoor Grill into a power outlet and turn it on.

The Indoor Grill uses infrared heaters, placed at sides. They're angled to heat the top where you put the meat, but leave a clear space for the fat and juices to drip down into a tray below. This stops the fat from burning up, which is what produces much of the smoke you see coming from standard charcoal grills.

Philips claims there's 80 percent less smoke compared to its other grill, but from what I could see at the demo, there were barely any smoke from the meat pieces being grilled at around 230 degrees Celsius. And yes, the meat has proper grill marks.

Cleaning seems to be a simple affair. Philips says the top grill and the fat-collecting tray are removable. So you can put them in a dishwasher or clean them with soapy water.

I'm looking forward to giving the grill a try when Philips sends me a unit to test. Until then, it's the great outdoors for me if I need to cook up a wagyu steak. The Philips Indoor Grill is on sale for $299, which converts to around £230 or AU$400.

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