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Motorola Milestone XT720

Motorola ditches the QWERTY keyboard of the original Milestone in favour of a slimmer profile. The XT720 is feature rich, but already feels like yesterday's hero.

First impressions

We have a funny feeling Motorola is overlooking Australia. Earlier this month Moto launched the Motorola Milestone on the Optus network — a year after it launched in the US. But we're already looking forward. We want the Milestone Mark II.

The Milestone XT720 ditches the slide-out keyboard of the original, making it considerably thinner, and replaces the physical keyboard with a multi-touch capable virtual keyboard. This means that you can press two buttons (or more) simultaneously, helping you to type faster hopefully, and allowing you to do things like hold-Shift to capitalise a letter.

The 3.7-inch screen sounds reasonable, even though it is a regular TFT LCD panel and not an AMOLED display like HTC, Samsung and Nokia phones. It features a 480x854-pixel WVGA display, which should be nice for desktop-page web browsing, but in truth, is pretty much par for the course these days.

There's an 8-megapixel camera with a Xenon flash, an 8GB memory card in lieu of substantial internal storage and the usual raft of multimedia playback functionality. A nice addition to the phone is an HDMI TV-out port to share your happy snaps and transcoded video files with friends and family.


In a way, the Milestone XT720 is the next logical step for Moto in Australia, though it already feels like a generation behind. With smartphone enthusiasts looking forward to even higher resolution screens, dual-core processors and the latest version of Google's Android, the XT720 will seem like yesterday's hero unless it's in stores down under in the next few months.

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