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Dell XPS 11 review: Dell XPS 11

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MSRP: $1,000.00
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The Good It doesn’t get much more mobile than this, which is even more impressive when you consider the 2560 x 1440 screen.

The Bad The touch keyboard needs to be improved, as it often fails to register key presses.

The Bottom Line The keyboard will make or break this hybrid laptop for most users; love it and the XPS 11 becomes a very attractive device. Loathe it and you won’t want to go near it.

7.5 Overall

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This unique hybrid is one of the smallest we've seen, but has an Achilles' heel that is hard to miss.

Dell has delivered one of the slimmest hybrid laptops ever created in the XPS 11. With the screen closed we measured it to be less than 1.5cm at its deepest point. Combine this slender width with the 11.6-inch touchscreen, and it's no surprise that the XPS 11 is a featherweight. Tipping the scales at a meagre 1.13kg, it's both light and small enough to slip into a backpack or handbag and then be simply forgotten. Even better, it converts to a tablet for those times when you don't need the keyboard.

Design and features

There are a couple of striking features that standout when first viewing the XPS 11. The first is the screen, which is mounted on 180 degree hinges, allowing it to fold all the way around to the rear of the base, turning it into a tablet. We love the simplicity of the design, as the basic hinges avoid the complex attachments used on other tablets. To our surprise, the 11.6-inch screen packs a whopping 2560 x 1440 resolution, making the image absolutely crystal clear. Colours are punchy without being overly saturated, but contrast performance isn't terribly impressive, and we noticed rather poor black level performance.

Opposite this impressive screen is the XPS 11's other unique feature, a flat touch keyboard, similar to the one made for Microsoft's Surface tablet. It's not detachable though, and seems harder to use than the Surface keyboard, with key presses requiring a bit more force to register. It'll take several weeks for most users to acclimatise to the lack of moving keys, and even then some folks might never take to it. We highly recommend taking it for a test-type before reaching for your wallet. The entire unit is covered in a soft rubberised coating that is matte black, and, when combined with the aluminium edges, gives the unit a slick, yet subtle, aesthetic.

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