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Dell 2209WA review: Dell 2209WA

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At the bottom right of the screen the menu buttons are featured, with the power button at the bottom. The power button is the only one that's lit, in blue at that, while the others stay lifeless unlike the 2709W. Also unlike the 2709W, these buttons are mechanical, not touch based — but the on-screen display is still similar.

Offered in the menu is brightness and contrast settings, colour space settings (RGB/YPbPr), a mode selection between "Graphics" and "Video" and some preset video modes. We'd suggest you forgo the included "Standard", "Multimedia", "Game", "Warm" and "Cool" settings, and go straight for "Custom". Switching from Graphics to Video mode, hue and saturation options appear, as well as a few other preset video modes you should never use, and that's about it.

Disappointingly, there's no 1:1 scaling mode offered — only "Fill" and "4:3" modes. Interestingly, sharpness adjustments are allowed on DVI, and thankfully the pure marketing exercise that is dynamic contrast can be turned off.

The stand is extremely solid, with a black square foot and silver neck. It offers swivel, tilt, height and rotate functions, and the panel can be detached from the stand — a lot of these are a rarity on 22-inch monitors. Cable management is offered through a hole in the neck.

The 2209WA ate DisplayMate for breakfast, then flew in more DisplayMate to have for lunch, showing smooth gradients and displaying all 255 monochrome shades. Movie watching was a joy, as was our Half-Life 2: Episode 2 gaming session, with no noticeable detractions.

The 2209WA is a monitor with very few flaws. While we'd love to see 1:1 scaling, and the inset screen may cause some users grief, we wouldn't mind two of these sitting on our desk. This is the best 22-inch monitor we've seen.

The Dell 2209WA should be available online in Australia from January 20.

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