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Canon adds 4K video to 40x PowerShot model, SX740 HS

It's Canon's first PowerShot to get 4K.


The SX740 HS is the SX730 HS with a new image processor that gives it 4K video support and a few other tweaks.


Canon has put the latest version of its imaging processor, the Digic 8, inside last year's model of its zoomiest compact and -- voila! -- you've got the new PowerShot SX740 HS, with 4K movie recording and faster continuous shooting with autofocus.

You'll be able to get it by the end of August for $400. 

It's £370 in the UK. Canon Australia doesn't list RRPs, but the UK price converts to about AU$655.

The company is late to the 4K party, unsurprisingly. Panasonic and Sony have had 4K video in their consumer compacts for years. Neither of those companies, however,  has added it to a compact camera with more than 30x zoom, so there's that.

The new processor also boosts the continuous-shooting speed, with autofocus, from 4.6fps to 7.4fps, a nontrivial difference if you're shooting action, though Canon doesn't say how many shots that's for.

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