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Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt review: Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt

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Typical Price: $315.00
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The Good Two high-speed interfaces on one device.

The Bad Taller than usual. Incredibly expensive for little benefit.

The Bottom Line Buffalo's MiniStation Thunderbolt supports both USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt, but the latter provides no advantage and adds considerable cost.

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6.0 Overall

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With a matte white top, aluminium bottom and coming in 500GB and 1TB variants, the Buffalo MiniStation Thunderbolt is significantly thicker than your traditional external drive.

The reason is down to its dual controllers, supporting both Thunderbolt and USB 3.0, for which Buffalo thankfully includes both cables.

The only other decoration is a white status light under the lip of the drive, which pulses when data transfers are happening, and stays solidly lit when idle.

As a mechanical drive is inside, we were curious to see what benefit, if any, Thunderbolt transferred to the device over USB 3.0.

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