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Lights, music, action: AwoX announces StriimLight B-10 and StriimLight Wi-Fi at CES 2014

The StriimLight B-10 and StriimLight Wi-Fi are LEDs with integrated speakers that let you adjust music volume and bulb brightness from your couch.


LAS VEGAS -- The AwoX Striim Collection is a line of diverse integrated products for the home. The name "AwoX Striim" is kind of unwieldy, but don't let that discourage you -- today's CES announcement did include a couple of intriguing appliances that might pique your interest. Namely, AwoX unveiled two new lighting products -- the StriimLight B-10 and the StriimLight Wi-Fi. Both are LED light bulbs, but the B-10 has a Bluetooth speaker and the StriimLight Wi-Fi has, you guessed it, a Wi-Fi speaker.


To set up the B-10, you simply pair your Bluetooth-enabled device with it and you can start streaming music instantly. It also comes with a remote control so you can easily adjust the volume of your music and the brightness of your lights. This bulb should fit your current sockets and it boasts a long life and an energy-efficient design. The B-10 costs $99 and it will be available this month.


For the StriimLight Wi-Fi, just send music to it from your connected device. Then, use the AwoX StriimControl app to manage your music and dim your lights. You can establish zones throughout your home to play different music simultaneously. It can also be linked to other devices from the AwoX Striim Collection, like the StriimLink and StriimStick. The StriimLight Wi-Fi is due out in the second quarter of this year and there's no pricing information as yet.

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