Connie Guglielmo CNET Staff

Location: San Francisco

Occupation: Editor in Chief / News

Member Since: 27 March 2014


A little about me

Short Bio: Connie Guglielmo is editor in chief of CNET News and is responsible for overseeing a global team of talented reporters and editors who cover breaking news and also deliver analyses, features and other fun reads. She's a veteran tech reporter and editor who has worked in and around Silicon Valley for MacWeek, Wired, Upside, Interactive Week, Bloomberg News and Forbes. She covets her original nail from the HP Garage, her BMUG tie-dye T-shirt, her iPod version 1.0 and desk chair from when NeXT closed shop. If you have news you'd like to share, send a note to connie (dot) guglielmo (at) cnet (dot) com. Cheers.

Os: Mac OS X, iOS

Machine: I'm a big fan of lightweight computers and so go everywhere with my MacBook Air. I also use an iPhone 8 Plus (I enjoy experimenting with Portrait mode in my spare time, which is why I have many, many slightly blurry photos of my dog.)