Toshiba Qosmio X870 review:

Toshiba Qosmio X870

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Typical Price: $2,999.00
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The Good Lighter than the competition. Highly specced. 120Hz screen.

The Bad More expensive than the competition. Low battery life and no Optimus.

The Bottom Line The Qosmio is a fine gaming laptop. Choosing between this and Asus' G75VW is going to come down to personal preference and your wallet.

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8.5 Overall

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Toshiba's back with another gaming laptop, this time in third generation Core form. Qosmio's thing has always been red, and it doesn't disappoint here; the 17.1-inch laptop's trim and features are embellished with metallic red. It's otherwise a mixture of diamond-plated and faux brushed aluminium black plastic. It is actually quite understated compared to previous Qosmio efforts.

It's also taken the rather odd path of being a Harvey Norman exclusive.

A big beastie with discrete graphics, the X870 isn't kind on the battery — even less so since Toshiba's decided to enable Nvidia's 3D Vision, which is incompatible with Optimus. As a consequence, Intel's HD Graphics isn't enabled and battery drain will be quite impressive, even when idling.


  • USB 3.0: 4
  • Optical: Blu-ray/DVD±RW
  • Video: VGA, HDMI
  • Ethernet: gigabit
  • Wireless: 2.4GHz 802.11n, Bluetooth
  • Audio: 2.1 Realtek audio

The dull-red backlit keyboard is welcome, however, only the primary keys light up — if you want to see function keys, you're going to have to turn on a light. As is increasingly the case, the function keys at the top have been inversed, so their primary duty is things like volume control and screen brightness. Hold down the Fn key, and you'll get F1 to F12 back.

The 1920x1080, 17.1-inch screen may be TN-based, but it manages decent colours, along with acceptable viewing angle, courtesy of its size.

Sound is passable, although the lack of a subwoofer in a machine this size hurts. There's no 5.1 out through re-assignable 3.5mm jacks either, just a headphone and microphone jack on the right — although, you'll have to figure out which is which yourself, as Toshiba's metallic red surfacing has no labels.

Four USB 3.0 ports, VGA, HDMI, gigabit Ethernet and an SD card reader make up the connectivity options, while wireless is handled by Bluetooth and 2.4GHz 802.11n.

Internally it's quite grunty, indeed, rocking a Core i7 3610QM, 16GB RAM, a 7200RPM 750GB hard drive and a hybrid 8GB SSD/1TB hard drive. There's also a GeForce GTX 670M, putting it directly in the firing line of Asus' G75VW. It's off to a good start: at 3.5kg, it's a whole kilo lighter.

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