Sony Reader Pocket Edition (PRS-350) review:

Sony Reader Pocket Edition

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Typical Price: $229.00
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CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Extensive file support Infrared touchscreen Built-in dictionary in multiple languages Intuitive note-taking Handsome form factor and strong build Fast processor Attractive cases available with a range of options Open format Compact size Handles PDFs really well.

The Bad No audio support No memory slots Smaller screen means more page turns No Wi-Fi or 3G Touchscreen can be a little too sensitive.

The Bottom Line Like its bigger sis, the Sony Reader Touch Edition, the Sony Reader Pocket Edition is an excellent performer with a fantastic grasp on user-friendliness. Coupled with its more compact size and lower price point, it's a great option for readers looking for high-portability and excellent performance.

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8.9 Overall


With its smaller, 5-inch screen, the Pocket Edition is smaller than the average bear, small enough (as suggested by the name) to slip into a largish pocket and weighing in at just 155g. This makes it super-portable, easy to slip into a bag pocket and easy to hold in one hand for extended reading sessions.

The screen dominates the front of the reader, with a minimal spread of slimline buttons located along the bottom for navigation, Home, zoom and options. The screen itself is touch-sensitive, based on infrared sensors around the perimeter, which means most actions can be performed via the touch interface as well as the buttons.

A plastic bumper borders the aluminium chassis on three sides, with a power/sleep button at the top, a micro-USB port at the bottom and a stylus couched in the top right corner. This is a useful addition, for writing, but navigating can be performed just as easily with a finger. It's available in three colours — silver, pink or dark navy blue.


A smaller, pared-down version of the Sony Reader Touch Edition, the Pocket still boasts features such as an infrared touchscreen and multiple dictionaries for both English definition search (easily achieved by double-tapping the appropriate word) and translation to and from Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish. The touchscreen allows you to make notes and highlight text as well as navigate menus and bookmark pages. However, also like the Touch Edition, the touchscreen on the Pocket can be a little over-sensitive, responding to something as small as a stray hair or dust mote.

Using the options menu, you also search text, go to specific pages, make notes, keep a word log, adjust the screen settings for more comfortable viewing, delete books from the device, or switch to a landscape orientation.

A couple of notable feature exceptions are Wi-Fi and audio support.

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