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Sony PlayStation Plus review:

Sony PlayStation Plus

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Typical Price: $69.95
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The Good Four free games a month. Free themes and avatars. Discounts a-go-go. PlayStation Network access still free.

The Bad Available material is at Sony's discretion. Schedule of free and discounted goodies release two months in advance.

The Bottom Line If you're a regular PlayStation Store shopper, Plus is worth a look, but the ultimate value depends on the type of gamer you are and what Sony makes available.

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CNET Editors' Rating

7.8 Overall

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What is it?

Plus is a subscription service that allows users to download free or discounted content from the PlayStation Store to their PlayStation 3. In Australia, a one year subscription will set you back AU$70, while a 90 days membership will lighten your wallet of AU$21.

Free games
Each month there will be four free games for download — one PlayStation Network game, two Minis and one PS One Classic. The catch here is that Sony decides which games are available and you'll only be able to play these games if your PlayStation subscription is still paid up and current.

Game trials
Essentially a try-before-you-buy mode for two games per month, which are again chosen by Sony. You download the full game and play it for a trial period (usually an hour) before you have to decide whether you're going to purchase it and continue playing away. Once bought, the game is yours to keep even if your Plus membership lapses.

Themes and avatars
Two dynamic themes and two premium avatars will be available each month for free. You can keep using these even if your PlayStation Plus subscription is no longer current.

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