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Sony Handycam HDR-PJ760 review:

Sony Handycam HDR-PJ760

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Typical Price: $1,899.00
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The Good Astonishing image stabilisation. Easy-to-use interface and menus. Hybrid storage.

The Bad Very expensive.

The Bottom Line The Sony HDR-PJ760 is a superb camera with clever design and fantastic control, perfect for those looking to shoot high-quality video with a handheld device.

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CNET Editors' Rating

8.0 Overall

Review Sections

The Sony HDR-PJ760 is a truly impressive camera, combining many of the technological features of Sony's other products into one sophisticated device. This camcorder reaches almost professional standards in terms of video quality and performance, in particular showcasing the magnificent advancements in image-stabilisation technology, which we will rave about further on. Unfortunately, like many other Sony cameras, the cost of the PJ760 might prove to be too ambitious for people setting out to buy a simple camcorder.

Design and features

Sony has designed this camera to look, feel and work like a professional device, living up to its high cost. The body is strong and made with an appealing mix of plastic and metallic textures, and feels smooth and nicely weighted in the palm of the hand.

What's wonderful about this camera is how it manages to unite just about all the features available in camcorders today, combined in this one device. These features range from the very useful tools, such as the LED torch, manual dial and external microphone, to the novel or gimmick features, such as the projector and GPS function.

The LCD touchscreen on this camera is very easy to use, and also appealing to the eye. One bonus feature that Sony has added is a surround-sound display on-screen to show where any audio is coming from, which is a fun talking point when using the camera.

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