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Sony Ericsson W910i review:

Sony Ericsson W910i

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Typical Price: $999.00
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The Good Lovely contours and light weight. New multimedia menu and music organisation methods. Includes USB adaptor for Memory Stick micro.

The Bad Shake and tilt functions are a bit silly. Camera resolution on the low side. Headset port sticks out on the side.

The Bottom Line This thin, light music phone is a hit for Sony Ericsson -- just ignore the gimmicky bits.

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CNET Editors' Rating

8.2 Overall

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Looks-wise the W910i is much more sedate than previous Walkman phones, which tended to be a very bright, almost radioactive orange. The colour of our review model is what Sony Ericsson refers to as Noble Black. Ascribing nobility to a handset is a bit much, but it does look elegant without being boring. For those who like a bit of colour, it's also available in "hearty" red.

The profile is slim and streamlined at 12.5 millimetres. Given the tapered design of the bottom, the charging and headphone port has been moved from the base of the handset to the left side. This is fine for juicing up your W910i or loading it with PC data, but plug in the headset and the phone is over a centimetre wider in your pocket.

The non-number keys are unusually small, especially in light of the ample space surrounding them. A circular silver five-way navigation key is flanked on either side by teeny send and end buttons that are crammed right up against the soft keys. They look small enough to cause problems, but fared surprisingly well during testing. Even more miniscule are the power and Walkman keys hiding on the top of the handset -- blink and you'd miss them.

The W910i uses Sony's Memory Stick micro, which slots into a socket on the right. Included is a nifty USB adaptor so you can remove the card and plug it into a USB key rather than connecting your phone to a PC for data transfer.

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