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Showyou for Android review:

A must download for video junkies

Showyou's Home screen opens up to a single feed, with all of the videos shared by your friends on your connected social networks, as well as by those whom you follow within the Showyou app. You can switch views to see only popular videos, Twitter-sourced videos, or videos being shared just on Showyou. From the feed, you can also comment on, favorite, and share videos.

The great thing about Showyou is that it not only pulls content from several different sources, but also, it gives you a variety of ways to sift through and browse that content. This makes for a much different experience from, say, YouTube, which people typically use as a video search engine. In fact, swiping through Showyou feels a lot like flipping through channels on your television.

As a whole, the app's interface is cleanly designed and easy to navigate. The video feed sits front and center, with a sliding navigation menu on the left and a link to your profile on the right. Search and Refresh buttons sit on top for quick access. One thing worth mentioning is that the video player is not quite as straightforward. For instance, videos from YouTube and Vimeo play right within the Showyou app, but they offer different controls that are native to their respective platforms. Meanwhile, videos from Funny or Die can only be played from your browser, and not from within the app.

What Showyou is missing are a watch history and video queue. As of now, it's difficult to go back and find videos that you've already watched. And it would be nice to be able to create a playlist of videos for watching later.

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